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Patricia Speaks

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Patricia is a dynamic visionary, creative concept artist and  founder of Pray the Path and PDF Ministries INC. She is also the creative behind her latest work, Eyewitness: The Prayer Project and the author of her latest book-A PECAN PICKLING GLAZE SUGARY JOURNEY, published by TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network).


As a former elected official representing economically distressed communities, she understands the role of prayer and the power of potential, no matter where you live.

For more than three decades (30 years) of extraordinary  leadership, her interest in prayer and the role it plays in the lives of  everyday people cannot be understated. As a creative, she believes prayer intervenes in the lives of people and when there are networks of prayer- the impossible is made possible, the extraordinary becomes ordinary and closed doors swing open.


"A faith that moves mountains supplies the cure when in the throngs of defeat, you find refuge and is delivered to safe shores by hands unseen but by a plan that promises a future and a hope." P.Ferguson

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Patricia inspires audiences with her words of hope, and possibility as a dynamic public speaker, author, and creative artist with over 30 years of extraordinary public service as a servant leader.

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